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 Lindsey Schoen

Lindsey Schoen

Lindsey works with fashion designers and clothing manufacturers to check the fit, drape, and visual appearance of a designs, effectively acting as a live mannequin. Designers select her to work as their fitting model based on criteria matching their desired measurement specifications.
Her hands on experience with many different companies and designers over the years helps her to influence current clients achieve their goals in the most effective way.

Lindsey has a strong knowledge of technical design and an unparalleled understanding for premium clothing lines and the demographics they attract.

"Buy the jean you want to wear everyday. Premium denim will last you a lifetime. Don’t settle."

Michelle Yu started working at a young age, stuffing envelopes for her family's start-up.  Inspired very early by fashion pioneers, Coco Chanel, for infusing menswear into womenswear and the work of Phoebe Philo, who designs clothes that women actually want to wear.

Michelle started  Schoen by Yu with five great, timeless designs.  Now it's all about taking risks and looking at denim with fresh eyes.  For Michelle, fit and fabric is everything. Fashion is an extension  of ones personal expression and when it comes to jeans, and the many options available, Michelle has found a uniqueness to her designs that make women look and feel like a million bucks.​

Michelle's goal is to create a line of the perfect denim which ties together excellent quality with ethical and sustainable business practices.

"Follow your gut."

Michelle Yu

Michelle Yu


Fit To Flatter
Fit To Flatter
Creating jeans that make people look and feel great!

Since launching in stores in 2015, Schoen by Yu jeans have established a cult-like following. It’s no surprise due to its incredible stretch-recovery, universally flattering fit, and feather-soft touch that they stand apart from any others in the market.

The result is a carefully curated collection of new favorites. There isn’t any one thing that’s especially compelling about Schoen by Yu jeans. Their amazingness is rather the result of everything that just came together in a way that is perfection.